Join us to learn more about restorative justice, how it aligns with our Catholic faith, and opportunities to promote restorative practices in your community.

Intro to Restorative Justice

These 3.5 hour virtual workshops offer an introductory experience to restorative justice. They are ideal for individuals who are new to restorative justice and wish to learn about restorative practices like circle process and their applications in ministry.

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Deepening Circles

These virtual workshops allow emerging and experienced RJ Ministry practitioners to reflect together on important themes and common challenges of restorative justice implementation.

This event is for members of the RJ Ministry Community of Practice.

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Circle Keeper Trainings

Circle Keeper Trainings are ideal for ministry leaders who have basic familiarity with restorative justice and wish to become trained as facilitators of restorative circles. 

July 12-15, Catholic Mobilizing Network will host the 2023 Circle Keeper Training in Chicago, IL with Precious Blood Ministry of Reconciliation.

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