Day One 

Opening Plenary with Bishop Robert McElroy and Ernie Garcia | Watch the Recording

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Closing Plenary with Kate and Andy Grosmaire, Julie and Michael McBride, and sujatha baliga | Watch the Recording

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Day Two

Opening Plenary with Maka Akan Najin Black Elk, Deacon Andy Orosco, Danielle Sered, and Howard Zehr | Watch the Recording


"Living Restoratively" Panel with Kevin Calkins, Dr. Carl Stauffer, Fr. Jeff Putthoff, and Jerry Tello | Watch the Recording

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Restorative Justice in Law and Legal Practice with Lara Bazelon, Seema Gajwani, Thalia González, Senator Pete Lee, and Mary Novak  | Watch the Recording

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Day Three

Opening Plenary with Christina Swarns and Sheryl Wilson | Watch the Recording

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Closing Plenary with David Karp and Fr. David Kelly, C.PP.S | Watch the Recording