CMN’s Board of Directors Seeks New Candidates

As the work of Catholic Mobilizing Network continues to grow and expand, CMN’s Board of Directors is looking for individuals who would consider service on this dynamic, working board. See below for descriptions of ideal Board candidates.

We invite your recommendations of candidates from diverse backgrounds within these fields.

To make a recommendation, please contact Moira Greaney at

CMN’s Board of Directors seeks candidates with expertise in the following fields: 

HR Management — Ideal candidates will bring a broad knowledge of human relations matters. This individual may have been a senior executive responsible for or advising on strategic issues relevant to CMN’s human resource, compensation, and benefit plans.

IT/Technology — Ideal candidates will bring experience in advising or leading the IT operation of a company or sizable non-profit organization with experience in the corporate IT infrastructure, network, servers & storage, or security technology.

Marketing/Communications — Candidates will bring strong experience in building brands, developing advertising messaging, buying media, and brand communications. 

Commercial Business Leadership, CEO or CFO Experience — Candidates will bring strong leadership skills in corporate risk management as well as oversight of finance, capital management, and investments. Experience in cyber security would be a plus.