RJ Ministry Community of Practice

Do you practice restorative justice in a Catholic Ministry? Join our community, a space for learning, connection, and growth.

Who are we?

CMN’s “RJ Ministry Community of Practice” is a virtual network of ministry leaders who seek to connect with one another, deepen their knowledge of restorative justice, and build skills for bringing restorative practices to their institutions, ministries, and civic life.

Community members nationwide belong to a specialized email listserv, where they can share resources and hear about upcoming community events.

Each month, the community gathers for a free virtual event to build relationships with fellow practitioners and navigate core questions about implementing restorative practices, especially in faith-based settings.

Members of the RJ Ministry Community of Practice are bringing restorative justice practices to:

  • Ministry & advocacy in the criminal legal system such as alternatives to incarceration and community-supported reintegration and accountability
  • Victim-survivor accompaniment
  • Parish life
  • Schools, colleges, and universities
  • Catholic nonprofits, religious congregations, and organizational life
  • Dialogue and healing processes to address harm-laden topics, including racial injustice and institutional harm

Join the Community!

Regular Community Events

Community Hours

Community Hours are informal times for members of the RJ Ministry Community of Practice to get to know one another, share about our ministries, and lift up stories, questions, and wisdom from our experience.

Deepening Circles

Deepening Circles are workshops for emerging and experienced RJ Ministry practitioners to reflect together on important themes and common challenges of restorative justice implementation.

Past themes include: Unpacking Accountability; Creating Community Agreements; Restorative Practices for Ministry Meetings and Gatherings; Restorative Practices Inside Prison; Restorative Spaces for Racial Healing; Restorative Justice in Educational Settings.

Skillcraft Sessions

Skillcraft Sessions are structured workshops led by experienced restorative justice practitioners in which participants acquire new skills and tools for facilitating restorative practices.

Past themes include: Restoration and Social-Emotional Skills; Restorative Teaching Tools.

Upcoming Restorative Justice Events:

  • Intro to Restorative Justice (August 2024)

    August 26

  • National Conference on Community and Restorative Justice

    July 29

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