Catholic Mobilizing Network (CMN) proclaims the Church’s unconditional pro-life teaching and its application to capital punishment and restorative justice.  This work is carried out in many ways in the organization through the work of a focused coordinating committee, and the implementation work of a small but diverse staff, both in Washington, DC, and  Mount Saint Mary’s University in Emmitsburg, MD.  Learn more about the people who make up this organization, recent and past news, as well as events and activities sponsored by CMN.

Here is a helpful video from CMN Executive Director, Karen Clifton, about the ways in which CMN can be a help to Catholic and other advocates across the country who are seeking to end the death penalty:

Board of Directors

Meet Catholic Mobilizing Network’s Board of Directors. This dynamic group brings a wealth of experience and passion to the organization. Each member brings gifts to our ministry and furthers our mission of ending the use of the death penalty and promoting restorative justice.         Chair Mary J. Novak currently serves as a… MORE

Volunteer and Job Openings

We are here to help you.  At CMN, it is our mission to engage Catholics in this important pro-life issue, so that our Church can bring about repeal of the death penalty. We need your help, as well, in developing an efficient, effective effort.  CMN hopes to develop a national network of state-based volunteers who… MORE


The Catholic Mobilizing Network staff represents experience and passion. Our staff has emerged from the persons and groups from across the country who have mobilized to abolish the death penalty. These people bring a wealth of experience that comes from years spent organizing local and large-scale abolition efforts. The CMN staff brings a passion and… MORE

Coordinating Committee

The Catholic Mobilizing Network’s Coordinating Committee helps to bring a wide vision and depth of experience to the organization. Representatives from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, many religious order communities of women and men, (arch)diocesan offices, pro-life groups, and lay people with experience in anti-death penalty advocacy work together to ensure CMN remains… MORE

Mount St. Mary’s Office


Mount St. Mary’s University is a Catholic university committed to education in the service of truth. It seeks to cultivate a community of learners formed by faith, engaged in discovery, and empowered for leadership in the Church, the professions, and the world. In order to enable individuals to understand and to challenge or embrace the cultural forces operating on them, Mount St…. MORE

CMN News

Learn more about what the Catholic Mobilizing Network is doing both nationally and in your state or community. CMN works with universities, parishes, faith-based and secular organizations, campus ministry programs, death penalty abolition groups and many others. Additionally, CMN helps faciliate national conversation about the death penalty through the Catholic and secular media. Check out… MORE

CMN Events

The Catholic Mobilizing Network is active in many states and engages many organizations in its efforts to end the use of the death penalty. CMN works closely with Catholic, Protestant, interfaith and secular organizations, along with universities and colleges, to promote dialogue and common action to abolish capital punishment. Take a look below to see… MORE

Newsletter Archive

This is an archive of CMN’s monthly e-newsletter and other correspondence with our our member list. CMN’s newsletter provides important information about upcoming CMN and state organization events, advises Catholic anti-death penalty advocates and their friends about upcoming opportunities in various states to engage in action to end the use of the death penalty, and… MORE


Catholic Mobilizing Network to End the Use of the Death Penalty encourages you to connect with us. The organization and its staff can be contacted in the following ways: Mail Catholic Mobilizing Network 415 Michigan Avenue NE, Suite 210 Washington, DC 20017 Phone (202) 541-5290 E-Mail E-Mail CMN Facebook CMN Facebook Page Twitter CMN Twitter Page… MORE