5 Resources for National Crime Victims’ Rights Week 2024

National Crime Victims’ Rights Week is an annual commemoration reminding us of the widespread need for victim-centered responses to harm, crime, and violence.

We’ve selected five resources for you to explore this week to honor, support, and pray with crime victims and their families as they continue on their journeys of healing.

[VIDEO] Healing After Tragedy: Heather Thompson’s Restorative Justice Journey

For years after her brother’s murder, Heather was consumed by anger — toward his killer, toward the legal system, and even toward God. Longing for some peace, she decided she needed to speak with the man who took her brother’s life. Through the restorative justice process that followed, Heather was amazed to find not just healing, but a newfound vocation.


[PRAYER] A Prayer With Victims

For all those affected by violence and harm of any kind.


[RESOURCE] Dos and Don’ts for Accompanying Victim-Survivors Through a Restorative Process

People of faith can be instrumental in supporting victim-survivors through restorative processes designed to meet their unique needs. Explore this resource to learn the key “dos and dont’s” for various stages of victim-survivor accompaniment.


[PODCAST] Meeting the Man who Killed Daddy, with Andrea Hug

Andrea’s youngest daughter was just a toddler when her father was struck on his bicycle by an intoxicated driver. Learning to process the grief of his death was something this family had spent most of their lives doing. But 15 years later, that journey took a big step forward when Andrea’s daughter asked to “meet the man that killed Daddy.”

In this episode, Andrea shares what it was like to participate in a restorative process with the man who caused her husband’s death, and how she continues to live out her journey of healing and forgiveness.


[GUIDE] 2024 National Crime Victims’ Rights Week Resource Guide

This compilation from the Office for Victims of Crime includes information to help you plan your outreach, original artwork, and other tools to help raise awareness about victims’ rights and services.