Andrea Hug began her journey with the restorative justice practice after her husband (and the father of her 3 children), Chris, was killed by an intoxicated driver in 1993. In 2008, Andrea, her children, along with three restorative justice practitioners met with the man who caused the collision. Through a structured dialogue over 2 days, the circle brought healing to her family and the driver. The process unfolded the importance of restorative justice practice as a way to bring healing and peace to both families. Although never the same, restorative justice gave them space for the painful stories to come forth, and then, wholeness, healing and hope could be realized.

Having worked as a hospice bereavement counselor, Andrea currently serves as the Catholic Visitation Chaplain at a senior living facility and as a spiritual director in private practice.

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Posted Apr 01 2021

We watch love expand on Good Friday, when Jesus offered himself for love’s sake.