CMN-Approved Books and Movies for Self-Quarantine

Currently, many are living in self-quarantine or attempting some degree of social distancing as we each do our part to help stem the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Ultimately, there is no way to know just how long we’ll be cooped up this way. But we can try to use this time of relative quiet to deepen our knowledge of the injustices in our world — injustices that, even during a global pandemic, will not lessen or fade of their own accord.

If you find yourself searching for a respite from the news during this unsettling time, consider diving into some of CMN’s favorite books and movies instead.

In the resources linked below, we’ll get you started with a few of our favorite titles exploring the issues of capital punishment and restorative justice.

Stay safe, stay inside (if you can), and happy reading/watching!


CMN Film List

This collection of movies and documentaries explores the issues of capital punishment and restorative justice and highlights themes of mercy, hope, and respect for life. Listed titles include Just Mercy (2019), Dead Man Walking (1996), and Where There is Darkness (2019). 

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(TIP: Just Mercy is now available for streaming on digital platforms like Amazon Prime, Apple TV, Google Play, and more! Make sure to visit CMN’s online Just Mercy study guide for reflection questions and Church teachings related to the film.)


CMN Book List

Featuring titles like The Death of Innocents by Sr. Helen Prejean, CSJ, The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander, and Harm, Healing, and Human Dignity: A Catholic Encounter with Restorative Justice, CMN’s newest faith formation guide.

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(TIP: If you are part of a parish book club or reading group that is meeting virtually in this time of social distancing, consider including one of these titles into your reading queue and engage with these issues together as a community.)