In honor of the work of Frank and Ellen McNeirney

Welcome to friends of our former sister organization in the effort to end the death penalty, Catholics Against Capital Punishment. CACP was formed in 1992 by Francis (Frank) A. McNeirney of Bethesda, Maryland, who, with the assistance of his wife, Ellen, built up a large organized community of Catholics and others of goodwill in the fight against the death penalty. Before there was internet or cell phones, Frank and Ellen worked to raise awareness of the injustices of the death penalty and promote the Catholic Church’s unconditional pro-life stance, even for capital offenders. As the information age dawned, Frank and Ellen turned to email and the internet to carry those messages even further, including on the CACP website.

In December 2011, Frank completed what was his to do on earth and God took him home. Soon thereafter, Ellen chose to retire from the work of CACP. However, she wished that those who had joined the CACP cause over the years would continue to find a way to express their efforts to end the death penalty. She made arrangements with Catholic Mobilizing Network (CMN) Executive Director Karen Clifton to transition the domain to CMN’s use in perpetuity so that those who have been touched by their activities via CACP can continue working and sharing their gifts in another national Catholic organization committed to ending the death penalty and promoting restorative justice.

Many items that you will see throughout website have been taken from the old CACP site and are listed as resources that augment a collection of inspirational stories, ecclesial documents, news items, articles, books, and videos. In this way, the great work of Frank and Ellen and CACP will continue to be like the seed that can bear much fruit in the cause of life and justice. May Frank, from his place in the heart of God, continue to strengthen these efforts.

We hope that as previous supporters of CACP you will continue that support via CMN. We encourage you to sign up to receive regular email updates from us or we invite you to consider a financial contribution to continue our work. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.