Ohio Bishop Urges Governor to Uphold the Sacredness of All Life in Letter to Diocese

In December 2016, Bishop Thomas of Toledo, Ohio, wrote a letter to his diocese urging all to advocate for the sacredness of all life. In it, he urges advocacy to see the abolition of the death penalty in Ohio. Also, Bishop Thomas calls on the Governor to end executions and support death penalty repeal legislation. In short, the letter says:

“In January of 2015, the State of Ohio announced a moratorium would be placed on the use of the death penalty due to the lack of availability of required drugs. This moratorium is set to be lifted on January 12, 2017, with the execution of Ronald Phillips. In light of this development, I earnestly urge for an end to the death penalty in the State of Ohio.

Our Catholic faith’s opposition to the death penalty does not condone the sinful crimes and attacks on human life perpetrated by the convicted. Yet, we do affirm the sacredness of all life, including the life of those who have committed these heinous crimes. The Catholic opposition to the death penalty is ultimately rooted in mercy and is eminently pro-life. Our opposition affords every opportunity for conversion for the convicted, as we recognize even the greatest of sinners, through the merciful love of Jesus, can be born to new life.

Together, let us build a culture of life by witnessing to the inviolable sacredness of each and every human life. For it is through the witness of our Lord Jesus Christ, that we can find the strength, even after the most horrific of crimes, to allow mercy to have the final word. Together, let us abolish the death penalty once and for all in the State of Ohio.”

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