The Sisters of St. Francis of Clinton, Iowa

The Sisters of St. Francis of Clinton, Iowa is a congregation of Catholic sisters — often referred to as “women religious” — who have been drawn to the teachings of St. Francis and St. Clare of Assisi. Members of this congregation, like women religious nationwide and in keeping with the Franciscan way of life, serve the people of God wherever and however we are called.

Corporate Death Penalty Statement 

The Sisters, along with Sojourners and Associates, direct our energies to peacemaking, service to poor and marginalized persons, and care of the earth all within the context of a life of active nonviolence.

The Sisters of St. Francis, Clinton, Iowa, Associates and Sojourners oppose the death penalty and call for its abolition.

In furtherance of this position:

  • We support legislative and other efforts to abolish the death penalty.
  • We support efforts promoting a moratorium of the death penalty and a study of its implementation.
  • We support legislative efforts to restrict its application, particularly in cases of minors, and persons with intellectual disabilities.
  • We oppose legislation to broaden or reinstate the death penalty.
  • Recognizing the human agony and suffering involved, we support the families of the victims and of those on death row and their families in their journeys of grief, repentance, healing, forgiveness, reconciliation, and/or quest for exoneration.

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