Christopher Lee Price

The state of Alabama plans to execute Christopher Lee Price on Thursday, May 30, 2019 for the robbery and murder of 57-year old Fayette County Church of Christ Minister Bill Lynn.
Last month, Price was granted a temporary stay after asking to die by nitrogen hypoxia, a method Alabama has authorized but has yet to develop a way to administer.
Christopher Lee Price’s lawyers contested death by nitrogen hypoxia would be less painful than Alabama’s “botched” lethal injections. The state successfully argued that Price missed a deadline to request nitrogen, but its death warrant expired before a post-midnight Supreme Court ruling vacating the stay.
We invite you to voice your opposition to this execution by completing this prepared letter. Join us as we ask the state of Alabama respect the dignity of all human life.
Write Alabama Governor Kay Ivey to ask for clemency for Mr. Price. Personalize this one-click letter to advocate on his behalf. 
In Alabama, the State Legislature vests primary clemency authority. The Governor is able to grant reprieves and commutations. 
To learn more about clemency click here.
The contact information for the Governor of Alabama is: 
Governor Kay Ivey 
State Capitol 
600 Dexter Avenue 
Montgomery, AL 36130
Twitter: @GovernorKayIvey
(334) 242-7100