Join CMN for a 3-hour virtual introductory workshop on basic concepts and practices of restorative justice and where they can be applied in ministry.

About the Event

Restorative justice is an approach to crime and harm that seeks healing, rather than vengeance. Where people and relationships are violated, restorative practices include those impacted by harm in voluntary processes aimed to address needs, build understanding, and make amends, to move forward in the spirit of right relationship.

This workshop is ideal for individuals who are new to restorative justice. 

Through exercises, reflection, and circle process, participants will: 

LEARN the core principles of restorative justice and how they connect with Catholic teaching

HEAR stories of restorative practices being applied in Catholic parish and ministry settings

EXPERIENCE a restorative practice with fellow ministry leaders

REFLECT on opportunities for restorative approaches in their lives and ministries

Suggested donation: $35.

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