Join CMN for a 3.5-hour virtual workshop on basic concepts and practices of restorative justice and where they can be applied in ministry.

Upcoming Workshops

Goals & Learning Objectives

Restorative justice is a voluntary process that brings together people who were affected by harm in an effort to transform that harm into wholeness and healing. It includes practices that facilitate understanding of the situation, impacts of the harm, and opportunities for harmdoers to accept responsibility and make things as right as possible.

CMN’s “Intro to Restorative Justice” workshops are ideal for individuals who are new to restorative justice. Through exercises, reflection, and sharing, participants will: 

LEARN about core principles of restorative justice and how they connect with Catholic teaching
HEAR stories of restorative practices being applied in Catholic parish and ministry settings
EXPERIENCE a restorative practice with fellow ministry leaders
REFLECT on opportunities for restorative approaches in their lives and ministries


Would you like to host an Intro to Restorative Justice for your organization or ministry? Contact us for details and costs.

Lucie Martinot-Lagarde, Restorative Justice Program Manager: