This September, Pope Francis has asked us all to pray for the global abolition of the death penalty.

Each month, the Pope sets a prayer intention for the entire Church, and invites Catholics across the globe to join him in praying for a specific issue. This intention is elevated by the Pope's Worldwide Prayer Network and includes the production of The Pope Video.

This September, Pope Francis calls on the whole Church to pray for the global abolition of the death penalty. This prayer, while indeed worldwide, is especially poignant here in the United States. The U.S. is one of only 55 countries to retain the death penalty, and it contributes to many of the total executions each year. Currently, Oklahoma is initiating their plan to execute 25 individuals over the next two years. They just carried out the first of these, and several other states continue to schedule executions and hand down death sentences. 

Catholic Mobilizing Network is eager to be working with the Pope's Worldwide Prayer Network to amplify Pope Francis' important prayer. 

Pledge to Pray with Pope Francis

Will you join the Holy Father and the universal Church in praying for the global abolition of the death penalty throughout the month of September? Commit to pray with Pope Francis today, and offer your own intention for this communal prayer. 

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Mobilize Mercy Toolkit

For resources, social media graphics, backgrounders, and more take a look at our Mobilize Mercy Toolkit. These tools will help you amplify Pope Francis' intention throughout the month of September — whether you are praying personally, in your parish, or in your diocese. 

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