Restorative Justice Resources for Educators

Catholic educators are often in search of ways to incorporate the topic of restorative justice into K-12 and college/university curricula.
Catholic Mobilizing Network seeks to support these efforts with a collection of resources and activities for educators geared toward introducing new audiences to the concept of restorative justice as it aligns with Catholic Social Tradition:
WHO: Intended for educator use in Catholic grade schools, colleges, and universities. Best suited for classes on theology or social justice.
WHERE: May be applicable anywhere in the United States, with additional information included about your state or jurisdiction for context.
WHEN: Recommended for a single class or unit on the topic of restorative justice. For additional information on curriculum development or the application of restorative practices in school discipline, you may also wish to visit the Restorative Justice Network of Catholic Campuses.
HOW: This collection of resources aims to be streamlined and simple. All resources are hyperlinked to their original source and CMN handouts can be downloaded from our website.

Download CMN’s Restorative Justice Resources for Educators at the link below.