Restorative Questions Card (Printable)

CMN’s Restorative Questions Card is sized to fit in your pocket or wallet and is meant to be carried with you. To get yours, download the attached PDF, print the document double-sided, and cut to size.
About the Questions:
All of us have caused harm at some point in our lives; so too have we been harmed by others. When that happens, we have the opportunity to embrace a restorative mindset and pursue responses to the harm that model Jesus’ reconciling way.  
To accomplish this, asking a series of restorative questions can help us begin  discerning how to repair the damage done.
Questions for when I have caused harm:

What happened, who was involved and how were others impacted by it?
What may have contributed to my actions?
What do I need so this does not happen again?
What might others need from me?
What larger systems/structures contributed here?

Questions for when I have been harmed:

What happened, and how was I impacted?
What was most difficult and what do I need to heal?
Who else was involved?
How were they impacted and what might they need?
What larger systems/structures contributed here?
What process might lead to making things right?

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