The Catholic Mobilizing Network has gathered a wide variety of print, video and other resources to assist individuals and groups in their efforts to bring about an end to the death penalty in the United States. Click on the links below to view and share these resources.

Prayer & Inspiration

Catholic Mobilizing Network and other faith-based organizations bring a very potent force to all of their death penalty abolition and ministry efforts: prayer. Particularly in the Catholic tradition, both personal and common liturgical prayer is a spiritual source of strength for living out the pro-life commitment to which the Gospel of Jesus Christ calls us…. MORE

Liturgical Resources

Each liturgical year brings weekly opportunities to draw lessons from the richness of our strongest catechetical opportunity – the Sunday liturgy. The movement of the liturgical seasons and the cycle of lectionary readings can help set a rhythm for our own lives and the lives of the community of the church.  CMN continues to developed… MORE


Resources provided by the USCCB on the death penalty and its use are based upon the official teaching of the Catholic Church on defense of the common good and on the view that the need for the use of the death penalty in today’s society is “very rare, if practically nonexistant” (Catechism of the Catholic… MORE

National Organizations

Catholic Mobilizing Network is just one of many national, state, and local organizations seeking to end the use of the death penalty in the United States. We partner with many of these organizations and together with them we focus ongoing repeal efforts, share information and promote restorative justice. You can see below the many religious… MORE


As anti-death penalty groups and activities have expanded in recent years, so has the effort to share useful and timely resources with abolition groups throughout the country. The Catholic Mobilizing Network gathers information, books, videos, movies, podcasts, and other multimedia works that present information about the death penalty in general, and especially, in the context… MORE

White Papers

Issues related to the death penalty and restorative justice do not always have easy-to-understand, clear-cut answers. There can be a great deal of ambiguity when formulating proper responses to social evils, issues of injustice, and social policy.  Our white papers are in-depth scholarly presentations that provide ways of thinking about these complex issues from the… MORE

Catholics Against Capital Punishment (CACP)

In honor of the work of Frank and Ellen McNeirney Welcome to friends of our former sister organization in the effort to end the death penalty, Catholics Against Capital Punishment. CACP was formed in 1992 by Francis (Frank) A. McNeirney of Bethesda, Maryland, who, with the assistance of his wife, Ellen, built up a large organized… MORE