Abolition State

In the entirety of the death penalty's existence in Connecticut – from 1639 to 2012 – there were 126 executions performed. Hanging was replaced as the primary method by electrocution in 1937. Lethal injection later replaced that method in 2005. Since 1976 – the era of modern execution – Connecticut has performed only one execution.

In 2012, Connecticut's use of the death penalty was abolished. 11 men remained on death row still awaiting execution. The Connecticut Supreme Court ruled in State v. Santiago (2015) that the death penalty violated the state constitution, so the 11 men on death row were re-sentenced to life without parole.

Connecticut Fact Sheet

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Connecticut Catholic Public Affairs Conference

The Connecticut Catholic Public Affairs Conference is the public policy and advocacy office of the Catholic Bishops in Connecticut. The Board of Directors of the conference includes the bishops of the four dioceses of Connecticut: the Archdiocese of Hartford, the Dioceses of Bridgeport and Norwich, and the Ukrainian Catholic Diocese of Stamford.

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