Advocates Urge President Biden to Support “Yes” Vote on U.N. Death Penalty Moratorium

UPDATE Dec. 15, 2022 | A historic 125 nations voted “yes” on the bi-annual United Nations resolution calling for a universal moratorium on the death penalty. The U.S. maintained its historical “no” vote, despite being urged to support the resolution by dozens of faith leaders, death row exonerees, civil rights groups, and political leaders. 

Advocates maintain that it is long past time that the U.S. join the super-majority of countries who vote in favor of a universal death penalty moratorium.


Dec. 13, 2022 | On Thursday, December 15, 2022 the United Nations will hold a bi-annual vote on a resolution that calls for a global moratorium on the use of the death penalty. 

As a growing number of countries abandon the practice of capital punishment, support for this resolution has grown consistently over the years. It is expected that 129 nations will vote “yes” on this year’s resolution — a record number.

A vote in favor of this resolution would be in line with President Biden’s official stance against capital punishment, and his professed Catholic faith. President Biden is the first U.S. president to ever declare a moratorium on federal executions — a move that reflects the country’s long-term trend away from capital punishment.

The Holy See has long supported a UN death penalty moratorium resolution the moratorium. Pope Francis has consistently demonstrated the importance of this issue. Just three months ago, he declared the global abolition of the death penalty as his official prayer intention for the month of September.

Catholics and people of goodwill are urging the U.S. to represent them at the UN, and vote “yes” to this important resolution.

Advocates including death row exonerees, former Governor of Maryland Martin O’Malley, Catholic Mobilizing Network, and others will hold a press conference tomorrow urging Biden to heed the call for a global death penalty moratorium.

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