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Action Response


This October the Catholic Church across the United States will observe Respect Life Month. This is a time for you and your parish community to renew your dedication to all human life.


Dr. Trudy Conway explains that Catholics are often not properly educated about Church teaching on the use of the death penalty, and the best way to help individuals understand is frame the issue as a fundamentally moral argument while putting a human face on the issue through stories or narratives.

The story of how noted anti-death penalty activist Sr. Helen Prejean, CSJ became involved in ministry to those on death row and how it changed her life. Presented by the Catholic Mobilizing Network to End the Use of the Death Penalty ( and Full Focus Productions


Working with journalist Andrea Acosta, CMN’s Sr. Ilaria Buonriposi produces a weekly podcast addressing the Church’s position on the death penalty or restorative justice in three versions (30 seconds, 1 minute, and 5 minutes).

Theater Project

“Nuestra Señora de la Vida,” written by Petra Alexander, is a Spanish language monologue which is a perfect tool to open up dialogue about life issues from the perspective of a young Latino American.

This inspiring one act play, created by Mimi Gisolfi DʼAponte, is based on the true story of  Sister Marion Defeis' experiences as a prison chaplain at Rikers Island Correctional Facility in New York and her work to reform the Rockefeller Drug Laws.

Prayer Service or Vigil

By: Rev. Brian O. McDermott, S.J., Dr. Theol., Special Assistant to the President, Georgetown University

Easter Sunday, April 16, 2017

Inspired by the need for mercy in our society, this prayer vigil includes reflections on scripture and intersections for all those in need of healing.

By: Br. Matt Wooters SJ, Social Worker at Nativity Jesuit Academy in Milwaukee, WI.

By: Alexandra Carroll, M.T.S., CMN Director of Communications

Lent is a time of contemplation and renewal, and CMN invites you to journey through this lenten season with the help of our weekly reflections. 

Prayer Card

CMN's Prayer for Mercy is available for download as a sheet of 4 prayer cards. 

Lesson Plan or Study Guide

Rooted in both scripture and the rich tradition of our faith, Catholic Social Teaching is a guide for  how to live as a people of justice and mercy.


Death Penalty and Discipleship Reading Guide

David Matzko McCarthy’s Death Penalty and Discipleship is a faith formation resource to help communities and individuals reflect more deeply on capital punishment.

By David Matzko McCarthy, Trudy D. Conway, and Vicki Schieber, Editors
Forward by Sister Helen Prejean, CSJ

Workshop or Retreat

CMN’s Restorative Justice Workshop provides an overview of restorative justice philosophy and explores this issue through the lens of Catholic Social Teaching. A slide by slide Facilitator’s Guide and participant handout ensure you have everything you need to clearly present our stunning Prezi Presentation from opening prayer to closing discussion questions.

Catholic communities are, by their very nature, intergenerational. Our membership, liturgical celebrations and Sacramental moments bring together generations of family members as the faith is passed on from oldest to youngest. Family workshops, like CMN’s “The Advent of Mercy,” make this intergenerational character a defining feature, incorporating various age groups in a hands-on learning process designed to engage all members of the family unit.

This intergenerational, interactive gathering is intended for parish or school communities who would like to start a shared conversation on the consistent ethic of life with parents, grandparents, children, siblings, etc.

With this comprehensive resource, you don't need to be an expert to explore the death penalty issue in your school, parish, or community. Use our beautiful Prezi presentation and slide-by-slide Facilitator Guide to explore the Church’s teaching on the sanctity of ​all ​life and the social justice issues that surround the death penalty.

This one to two hour intergenerational gathering provides a three segment introduction connecting each of these themes to restorative justice. It also provides families the opportunity to make take home activities to be used throughout Lent.