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37 people have been executed in Nebraska, 3 of whom were killed after reinstatement of Nebraska's death penalty in 1976. At least two persons were later found to likely be innocent. Nebraska used electrocution as the method of execution until 2008, when it became the last state to adopt lethal injection. 

In 2015, the Nebraska state legislature abolished the death penalty, cutting across party lines to override the governor’s veto, and becoming the nineteenth U.S. state to abolish capital punishment. Currently, 11 prisoners sit on Nebraska’s death row.

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Nebraska Catholic Conference

The Church has a proper role in the political order and a responsibility to contribute to the public debate on issues having significant moral dimensions. This role and this responsibility flow from a Gospel mandate, from the Church’s moral and social teaching and from Her concern for the common good.

Nebraskans for Alternatives to the Death Penalty

Nebraskans for Alternatives to the Death Penalty was founded in 1981 after Governor Thone had vetoed a bill passed by Nebraska’s unicameral legislature that would have repealed the death penalty in Nebraska. Since its founding, it has been a politically active organization that has supported death penalty abolition efforts in the Nebraska legislature.


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