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There are many quality resources and learning opportunities on the topic of restorative justice; this list is not exhaustive.

If you wish to stay informed about emerging resources and opportunities for restorative justice in ministry settings, you are encouraged to subscribe to CMN's RJ Ministry Community of Practice.

To Read

"Catholic Social Teaching and Restorative Justice" (Catholic Mobilizing Network)

Colorizing Restorative Justice: Voicing Our Realities, edited by Edward C. Valandra, Waŋbli Wapȟáha Hokšíla, foreword by Justice Robert G. Yazzie

"Dos and Don'ts for Accompanying Victim-Survivors Through a Restorative Process" (Catholic Mobilizing Network)

Forgiving My Daughter’s Killer: A True Story of Loss, Faith, and Unexpected Grace by Kate Grosmaire with Nancy French

Harm, Healing and Human Dignity: A Catholic Encounter with Restorative Justiceadapted by Caitlin Morneau

Heart of Hope: A Guide for Using Peacemaking Circles to Develop Emotional Literacy, Promote Healing and Build Healthy Relationships by Carolyn Boyes-Watson and Kay Pranis 

CMN's Hope Over Death Blog

Little Books of Restorative Justice

  • Little Book of Restorative Justice by Howard Zehr

  • Little Book of Circle Process by Kay Pranis

  • Little Book of Victim Offender Conferencing by Lorraine Stutzman Amstutz

  • Little Book of Racial Healing by Jodie Geddes and Thomas Norman DeWolfe

  • Little Book of Race and Restorative Justice by Fania Davis

  • Little Book of Trauma Healing by Carolyn Yoder

Redemption and Restoration: A Catholic Perspective on Restorative Justiceedited, by Trudy D. Conway, David Matzko McCarthy, and Vicki Schieber

"Responsibility, Rehabilitation, and Restoration: A Catholic Perspective on Crime and Criminal Justice" (USCCB)

"Restorative Approaches in a Time of Racial Reckoning" (Catholic Mobilizing Network)

Restorative Justice Dialogue: An Essential Guide for Research and Practice by Mark Umbreit and Marilyn Armour

Restorative Questions Card (Catholic Mobilizing Network)

Restoring Justice: An Introduction to Restorative Justice by Karen Heetderks Strong and Daniel W. Van Ness

"Top Five Myths About Forgiveness: A Catholic Perspective" (Catholic Mobilizing Network)

Until We Reckon: Violence, Mass Incarceration, and a Road to Repair by Danielle Sered

To Watch

"A New Story of Justice: Nonviolence and Restorative Justice" (MettaCenter) 

"A Restorative Justice Journey" (CMN Conference on Restorative Justice)

Burning Bridges (International Institute of Restorative Practices)

"Bishop McElroy Reflects on the Parable of the Good Samaritaan" (CMN)

"Catholics and Restorative Justice" (CMN)

Coming Home (Kingdom County Productions)

"Cultivating a Culture of Hope: a Restorative Justice Approach to Healing and Reconciliation" (CMN Conference on Restorative Justice)

Healing Justice (World Trust)

"How to Bring Restorative Justice to Your Parish or Ministry: A Four Part Webinar Series" (CMN)

"Precious Blood Center’s Peacemaking Circle" (Precious Blood Ministry of Reconciliation)

The Prison Within (Gravitas Ventures)

Torn by Trauma (Marquette Law School)

"Restorative Justice and Legal Practice" (CMN Conference on Restorative Justice)

"Restorative Justice: Why Do We Need It?" (Brave New Films)

"What Is Restorative Justice?" (CMN)

To Learn and Connect

Catholic Mobilizing Network's Find a Circle Trainer Page and Restorative Circle Events

Catholic Prison Ministries Coalition

Crossroads Antiracism Organizing and Training

Harm, Healing, and Human Dignity: All-Virtual Catholic Conference on Restorative Justice (Recordings)

National Association of Community and Restorative Justice 

Restorative Church Project

Restorative Justice Engagement Roadmap TEMPLATE (CMN Resource)

Santa Clara University: Graduate Program in Pastoral Ministries

STAR: Strategies for Trauma Awareness and Resilience

University of San Diego Center for Restorative Justice 

Zehr Institute for Restorative Justice